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Freeze Dried Variety Fruit Sample Pack by Nutristore | Delicious Snack | 120 serving | 1 Month Supply | Survival Food

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  • 120 TOTAL SERVINGS of premium Freeze-dried fruits. Each can contains 40 servings of nutritious and healthy fruit providing enough servings for a months worth of fruit!
  • HEALTHY SNACKS ideal for lunches, or on the go. Lightweight and easy to pack these fruits are perfect for any sack lunch or to be used on a hike. Freeze-dried fruits are extremely versatile and allow you to get the nutrition you need no matter the circumstance.
  • 25 YEAR SHELF LIFE - Whether you need to access delicious fruits tomorrow or 25 years from now these Freeze-dried fruits are ideal for any situation!
  • VALUE PACK three gallon sized #10 cans Includes: Bananas, Raspberries and Strawberries

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