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Chad Brown

(CEO) & Founder of Everyday Deals)


The official owner of the business & brand name “Everyday Deals” is the brain child of Chad Brown which he started in 1998 in Shakopee, Minnesota … When he registered the business name “Everyday Deals” through the Secretary of State in Minnesota. Everyday Deals started buying & selling as an official business, all types of products & services from A-Z. Mainly through catalogs, ads, classifieds, email, word of mouth, auctions, online store, in person.

It's known back in 1991 during school project Chad Brown of Minnesota created the name "Everyday Deals". Later on in 1997 during the Home Business boom he decided to start the business "Everyday Deals". On 04/25/1998 the word “Everyday Deals “was officially registered as a “Domain Name”. This domain location started hosting the website & store. This is where customers buy / sell great products, services & daily deals at incredibly low prices every day. 08/27/2007 Everyday Deals progressed and upgraded its business to a corporation through the state of Minnesota. *04/01/2008 Everyday Deals was allowed its first USTPO government registered trademark on its bestselling “brand name” products (#77188836).

Everyday Deals registered another trademark this time through the state of Minnesota for the “word or phrase” “Everyday Deals” on 06/12/2008 (2891978-2) Then on 11/29/2009 Everyday Deals then was allowed to officially trademark the word or phraseEveryday Deals” and the business nameEveryday Deals” through the U.S. government. (#3688155) & (#3688130) 10/15/2013 Everyday Deals signed paperwork in Minnesota to officially convert its long time business to a Limited Liability Corporation.

Unfortunately in early 2014 Chad was paralyzed while driving to work. When a vehicle with Oregon licence plates aggressively pulled in front of him and stopped short running him off the road. This caused his vehicle to go in to the ditch rolling and hitting a tree. Chad was trapped in the car and crushed into 3 cubic feet. The fire trucks had to extract him and he was rushed to the hospital. He was in critical condition facing possible death. He went through a whole day of surgery to his body. It took a 2 weeks just to stabilize out of critical condition. After that he was transferred and went through 2 years of therapy in a recovery hospital. All while recovering Chad ran the business selling products, website development, website mantaince, etc ... all by laptop at his bedside in the hospital.

"Everyday Deals is my heart and soul" Chad stated "This is my only child, I have nursed it and grown it since birth and I will never let it go even with the murder attempt, death threats & the continuing harassment. Interesting enough the threats and harassment seem to stop for the time directly after the murder attempt and part of when he was in a recovery hospital. To this day no one has been caught even though it was witnessed by another motorist at night.

Since the beginning of all this Chad Brown has grown Everyday Deals ®. To own over 30 U.S. & International domain locations becoming a well known worldwide destination for thousands of low cost products, services and daily deals from multiple Vendors all around the world.

* no accusations implied * only stated what was witnessed. Pictures are random stock.