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SocialStar The Social Media Party Game #SocialStar

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#SocialStar is the social media party game where players must climb the social ladder and gather likes in order to gain fame. Work your way up the game board by accepting challenges and dares that test your common skills and knowledge of pop culture. The more you impress, the more likes you will earn and the higher your chances of winning. Uncover whether you truly have what it takes to be the Star of Social Media.

• Do you have what it takes to become a#SocialStar?
• The interactive pop-culture party game for 3-8 players
• Players will find themselves strategically using like cards, challenge cards, and dare cards to climb the social ladder

• Includes game board, 290 cards (100 challenge cards, 100 like cards, 100 dare cards, and 40 board tiles), 8 game pieces, and 30-second timer

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